Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am

the girl most likely to drink
the pot-liquor from the boiling meat,

or sop it from the plate
with soft bread.

I am the girl most likely to dig
in dirt with my fingernails

rather than use a shovel.

I am the girl most likely to
fall in the hole I just dug.

I am the girl most likely to
spill the pot-liquor on
my boobs.

from an easystreet prompt...gotta love em!


Julie said...

Boobs again! Hey, Holly, this is excellent. I was going to comment on your other poems, then I got distracted by a shiny object, then I came back, and this one is up. They are all AWESOME. Girl, you should get a book together.

Nathan1313 said...

The 2nd and 4th stanzas make this cool rhythm. And nice way to work in "boobs" at the end!

holly said...

Julie, First of all, I am flattered that you think that I should get a book together, because I have a lot of respect for your work. I think we have a mutual admiration society going on.

I have so many poems, and would like to work on getting a book together, but then my work changes, and it's hard to go back and look at the old stuff, and decide what is "worth keeping or not" but then I do go back, and I get stuff together, and start changing my mind, and I'm making excuses and rambling.

I did put a thesis together in 04 for my M.A., and that was a poetry book, and I've written much poetry in the past 4 years, and it's so wonderful to hear that someone whose work I admire is saying that. It eggs me on...

Of course, I thought of you when I wrote the "boob" line. We should exchange email addresses. I hope putting those 2 sentences next to each other doesn't sound creepy. :)

Nathan, you are also a constant source of encouragement for me, and I also very much respect your work (love the name of your blog too). And I'm glad you like the word's such a silly sounding word...with more than one good definition!

Julie said...

Mutual admiration society...yes. We could have a secret hand shake. Or just shake our boobs. HA! HA!

Seriously, though, I really do think your poetry is book worthy. There are a handful of people I rant and rave over. You, of course. Nathan is one, too, and I'm happy to have met him recently. And Scot Young. Damn, Scot is talented but also a genuine nice guy. I also love Poetman and Bob. And others that I don't mean to leave out. I've also got a friend who doesn't consider herself a poet at all (she's more of a scientific person), but she just wrote two excellent poems.

So...I guess what I'm saying is when I rant and rave over your work, it's genuine admiration. I hope you do put it all in book form, because I'd definitely buy it.

Sure, I'd love to e-mail. I think your address might even be in my inbox when you commented? It doesn't get published, but it goes to my box. I'll see if it's on there and shoot you a line if that's okay with you.

Thanks again & I'll talk to you soon, I'm sure:)

holly said...

yes, Julie, do shoot me a line...

Scot said...

ok I am not going to speak of boobs--good poem though--

Timothy said...

Hey, thanks for checking me out! Nice poem--very cheeky.