Monday, July 21, 2008

our neighborhood was still being constructed

we built one of the first houses on our street

looked at stars,

skipped stones on the lake,

ate banana and peanut butter sandwiches,

rode bikes around the neighborhood
and over the "dirt hills,"

had boxing matches with pillows on the bed,

played in the flooded ditches
in front of the house using
makeshift boats with Barbies in them

sledded down the "big hill" on
the other side of the neighborhood
and found snow day friends
(the ones that went to private schools)

ran the hose over the swingset to
wash our hair outside

took the dinghy to the baseball field
when it flooded
"Look! A floating base!"

played house in the empty frames

lost the house to bankruptcy
screamed at each other
and heard later there are houses built
all around ours
even where we once camped in the thick woods

I haven't played house in years


Scot said...

like this holly --the turning point works though not as expected--when it starts to go--it all slides down hill

Nathan1313 said...

I like the ambivalence of the last line and the idea throughout of being the first and being lost. Great specific images as well.

Julie said...

I agree. Awesome last line. Lots of good details, too.

holly said...

Thanks guys...this is what happens when I spend 4 days with my whole family (tis so rare).
I remember a bit of all the insanity (good or not-so). Is the poem "balanced" enough? The change too abrupt or smarmy? I was a little worried about that. I do like a good critique, as I can't get that from school right now...I've been out of grad school 4 years, and no workshops since...