Saturday, July 26, 2008

for Buckminster Fuller

Geodesic man, you must have been inspired
by a voluptuous sanctuary,

those domes known
as the Black Mountains.

You created geometric genius
triangles touching triangles

compressed strength
made of fragile pieces
like plastic straws and scotch tape.

The larger the geodesic structure,
the stronger it becomes.

You are an exquisite jungle gym,
an upside down net to
catch the ground.


Nathan1313 said...

I love that image "a net to catch the ground." It seems like people used to talk about Fuller a lot but you don't hear about him much any more.

cjfsyntropy said...

Since 2002, the Synergetics Collaborative has held regular meetings discussing and building upon Buckminster Fuller's work.

Recently the Starting with the Universe exhibit at the Whitney Museum in New York City there have been articles in the New Yorker, Time Magazine, and many other newspapers and blogs discussing his work.

Join the discussions!

CJ Fearnley
Executive Director
Synergetics Collaborative