Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have to be empty

before I can be full.

Some things aren't worth cramming
in my top;
they'll just spill over anyway.

I am a trash can, Ziplock bag, mouth, stomach,
file folder, bowl of cereal,
and pot of dirt with too many seeds.


Julie said...

Damn...I just commented and the page screwed up. Please excuse me if you're getting this twice, but here goes again:

Hey, Holly! I thought this was going to be another BOOBS poem (you know...stuff spilling over). Just kidding!

This is fantastic. The theme is dead on.

I also love your lines, as always. How in the heck do you produce so much that's good? I'm lucky if I get a poem a week that's "workable." You go, girl! We'll be reading your anthology in no time!

holly said... are amazingly sweet...I don't know what's going on with me right can tell by blogs only a few months ago that I wasn't producing this much before, and most of what I did was all in my paper journal...don't know that I ever have honestly produced like this...maybe in grad school?...Usually a poem a week for me is a lot, but since I've been "making myself"--actually I've wanted to, needed to, had's been coming out like crazy. I don't have a lot else going on besides my measly 18 or so hours a week of hey...this is my other work right now...and the great part is I love it!

I am not necessarily impressing myself with what I am writing (although I do feel there are a couple of pieces I can do something with), but do feel very productive, and like it's just coming out so naturally...

thanks Julie...maybe I'll be coming to you (if you have the time) for paring down and revising a manuscript...??

Nathan1313 said...

I've also been amazed at how prolific you are. This is a great piece. I read it more than twice.

holly said...

Seriously Nathan, thank you. I respect your work a lot, and feel that if poets like you like my work, maybe I have a chance!