Tuesday, July 1, 2008

where I've been, where I'm going

I have written a lot about where I have been, and unfortunately focused on the past more than I'd like to have...I want to tell you where I'm going...

I have been to bloated
sad, but comfortable

where I sleep all day
and my heart aches
all the way into my
left index finger for
someone I've lost.

I am going to blessed
places of light
and learning

because I see new strings,
my balloons are floating
and I am following those strings
into the sky.

I may not be able to see
the sun because,
it is so bright
but I can let the warm

radiate into me.

I will be healed.


Gary R. H. said...

I really like this one. Very nice imagery.

Maya said...

I really loved this piece Holly!! Just beautiful!!