Sunday, July 13, 2008

my ears are ringing

I don't know whether to bang
on the pots and pans

or wear them on my head...
(that's what happens when I feel like a child again)

saying I am an ocean
probably sounds ridiculous to you

but you won't think so when the tide
comes in and drowns you

because when you pull
me under, and the pressure
becomes too much

I have to de-com-press

and that requires being naked
letting pieces fall off

letting my ears and eyes
and lungs
come back to a normal
and a normal pace

inspired by another easystreet prompt (see widget)


Scot said...

apt metaphor--goodgoodgood

Scot said...

apt metaphor--goodgoodgood

Ayesha said...

Loved this one!!


my favourite :)))

I wish I could write every day like you do!

Cynthia said...

enjoyed how this poem began light-
hearted, like a child and then
goes deeper, capturing a feeling
of being smothered- love: i have
to de-com-press and that requires
been naked letting pieces fall off.