Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wow, I think my umbilical cord

is still attached.
It's not about me

and my inability
to keep my idealistic
(still pretty much in the womb,
why aren't you happy)

to myself.

I scrape the crud from the bottom
of the coffee cup (as though
I could reuse the placenta)

and I want to help you to be
(God is certainly laughing)

when I cannot even
keep up with
my (wipe my own butt)

This is written from a prompt on Pen Me a on this page...thanks Edward!


Beaman said...

This is a good example of dry humour I think. A little hard to understand the context but that leaves it open to many possibilities which is equally as valid.

I sense the subject of the poem is feeling an inability of sorts that reminds them of birth and the desire to be reborn.

I like the additions in brackets.

Many thanks for entering this week's Pen Me A Poem Poetry Prompt. :)

holly said...

Thank you...yes, I think I have spent a number of years writing more careful, pensive poetry, and I like the idea of droll, even self-effacing humor (I like the British spelling of that word better-"humour") These are things I am exploring.

Julie said...

Honkycackle! Good grief...I can't believe you've been under my nose all this time (on Scot's website), and I haven't seen you! You are awesome. love CHEESE GRITS! Are you my sister?

You're probably thinking, "Yeah, it's that weird woman who tells everybody how awesome they are." But I really don't tell everybody that. Only people I think are good.

It might just be me, but I get this poem totally. It's funny to me, not in a dry "hmph-hmph" way, but in a slap my knee oh hell YEAH kind of way. It also has a darker level, too, and that is cool. I like your style. Thanks for commenting at my site, so I can get to know you. I'm linking to you now, but you don't have to link to me. Seriously. I really don't sit up at night and worry about stats. So that's no pressure.

But thanks for sharing. I like what I see in your older posts, too. It's nice to meet you.

holly said...

Thanks Julie...I linked to your site anyway...because I like it. Sisters? Of course...we live here on this earth together.

j said...

good job! certinaly a different take.

empty garden

holly said...

thanks jorc! will visit your site!