Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I always wanted to be

Lydia, the tattoo lady,
but my hips don't hold that kind of
his-story (like those ships).

I have been penned and needled
so I am no longer "natural,"

but ink is my lover,
and that pain is familiar,
true to me

in ways he never was.

Love is inked on my right arm,
and at least it

This is my her-story
and the ships on my hips
are emblazoned with

How's that for a sideshow?

another inspiration of easystreet prompts...danke!


Nathan1313 said...

Great art on skin and page. That last image grabs and the final question shakes.

Julie said...

Very cool. I love this.

And the love on the arm...at least THAT won't go away...is awesome.

I saw this kid on the beach, and he had his girlfriend's name in huge cryptic letters across his back. He was telling me all about the problems they had been having. Whatta dum-dum but sweet. I kept thinking, "Dude, I hope you like that girl's name across your back when she hauls ass about two weeks from now." Maybe he can find another girl with the same name:)

Good stuff again! Thanks mucho.